Tuesday, 9 October 2018

The Early Bird Catches the Worm but the Wise Worm Stays in Bed

The Early Bird Catches the Worm but the Wise Worm Stays in Bed (2018)
Gloomy Seahorse Press

"A change is as good as a rest," said Dr Jekyll doubtfully.

Stories from the beginning and stories from near the end with a minor chasm between. Into this chasm falls a rain of worms that will tickle the napes of those who dwell below. But who dwells below? On either side of the chasm, absurd birds perch on the outstretched arms of plausible gibbons. The chasm will fill up eventually. A lake of worms. That's the way it ought to happen around here...


Raindancing * Big Game * The 4-D Mind * Nathaniel * Reflections of a Brass Head * Friends * The Faust Business * Death of an English Teacher * The Myth of Sisyphus * Under the Tree * The Dungeon * Consolations of the Wild One * The Roof of the World * Multicoloured Leaves in Bright Spirals * The Manticore * Zumbooruk * The Achilles Tendency * The Duvet Thief * Sucking the World's Thumb * Passengers * Loop * Romance with Capsicum * There's a Woman with a Cactus Instead of a Head * Miserable with Groceries, Cuddly with Stubble * Bracket * The Glossolalia of Hideo Frigg * The Apology * Primate Suspect * The Pelican of Venice

Simplicity * Letters from my Windmill * Spoiling the View * Nozzles * Jekking the Oofers * When the Tide Comes in, Belinda Puts Out * What Did You Do for Doomsday? * The Tatty Bye * Hepcats are from Neptune, Bum Notes are from Uranus * Barbarian Gran * Alphabet Soup * Shelf and Safety * The Pink Canoe * Hey! Big Spengler * Counting the Pennies * The Sleep Patterns of Björn Wakeman * The Little Bridge Over the River