Friday, 12 February 2016

Brutal Pantomimes

Brutal Pantomimes (2016)
Egaeus Press

"Brutal Pantomimes contains ten tales of absurd exoticism, weird adventure and wild fantasy from the shockingly prolific and highly acclaimed Rhys Hughes. Most of the stories, novelettes and novella included have not previously been published and some are regarded by their author to be among his best works... Enjoy pirate shenanigans, a globe of the Earth that is a voodoo doll, the dubious gifts of a Greek god, impossible angles, improbable sciences, impractical philosophies, a rare tropical yeti in a submarine and so much more. Featuring an introduction by Michael Cisco."


The Jam of Hypnos * The Private Pirates Club * Corsets on the Outside * Wise Man * The Inflatable Stadium * The Eeriness that Lurks on the Far Side of Furniture * The Knees of Kionga * Shipyards on Saturn * How Gangrene was my Sally * The Impossible Inferno

Note: The story entitled 'Wise Man' actually consists of six linked tales, namely 'No Fury', 'Your Day', 'Last Chance', 'Nothing Else', 'In Stiches' and 'Most Unwise'