Monday, 21 May 2018

How Many Times?

How Many Times? (2018)
Eibonvale Press

"Rhys Hughes has never been a stranger to experimental fiction and unusual ways of constructing stories, and this mini-collection gathers some of his most far-reaching examples, placed squarely in the world of OuLiPo writing.

Short for Ouvroir de littérature potentielle (the workshop of potential literature) OuLiPo is a grouping of authors who fashion works based on constrained writing techniques, writing that follows rigorous and extremely precise rules concerning structure and layout.

And here, we encounter works based on rigid numerical constraints, works in the form of grids that can be read in any direction, and a logico-erotic tale in which the permutations of the sexual acts are based on the workings of logic gates."


The Five Pillars of Flimflam * Half a Dozen of the Other * Seven Sulky Sides for Seven Bulky Brooders * I Entered the Forest at Midnight * Boiling the Kettle * The Careful Plottings of my Enamoured Heart * Boolean Amours