Friday, 11 March 2011

The Brothel Creeper

The Brothel Creeper (2011)
Gray Friar Press

Tales of Sexual and Spiritual Tension.


The Ditching * One Man’s Meat * The Cuckoos of Bliss * One’s a Crowd * Southbound Satin * Pyramid and Thisbe * Is My Wife On Mars? * The Indigo Casbah * God in a Basement Flat * Fanny * Crash, With Shopping Trolleys * Mah Jong Breath * The Flesh Stocking * Casimir the Converter * The Docking of Spaceship Earth * Cuntlock * The Sickness of Satan * The Gibbon in the Garret * The Small Miracle * Cracking Nuts With Jan Hammer * The Quims of Itapetinga

Notes: (a) 'Cracking Nuts With Jan Hammer' only appears in the hardback edition, (b) the item entitled 'Fanny' is a miniature story-cycle consisting of eight brief tales ('Fanny is Famished', 'The Furry Godmother', 'Petal Put the Kelly On', 'Fanny of the Apes', 'Knobheads and Dipsticks', 'Fanny of the Opera', 'Pussy in Boots', 'Flicking a Fleck of Freckled Flapper').