Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Link Arms With Toads!

Link Arms With Toads! (2011)
Chômu Press

A Showcase of Romanti-Cynical Stories

"Whether you are a ghost, a robot or just an apeman, you can always link arms with toads!"

Self-reflective mirrors looking for their own reflections. Towns that migrate to the moon. Prisoners of elaborate dungeons and gigantic miniature solar systems. Robots, ghosts, rascals, explorers, troubadours, apemen and yetis. All are present in the multiverse of inversion and invention that is Link Arms with Toads!


The Troubadours of Perception * Number 13½ * The Taste of the Moon * Lunarhampton * The Expanding Woman * All Shapes Are Cretans * The Innumerable Chambers of the Heart * Pity the Pendulum * 333 and a Third * The Candid Slyness of Scurrility Forepaws * Ye Olde Resignation * Castle Cesare * The Mirror in the Looking Glass * Oh Ho! * Loneliness * Hell Toupée * Inside the Outline * Discrepancy