Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Truth Spinner

The Truth Spinner (2012)
Wildside Press

The complete adventures of Castor Jenkins!

"Castor Jenkins is a Welshman who tells stories that may (or may not) be true... but no matter how fantastic, who can prove they never happened? In the tradition of Lord Dunsany's The Travel Tales of Mr. Joseph Jorkens and Arthur C. Clarke's Tales from the White Hart, here is a collection of club stories full of wonder and marvels, as only Rhys Hughes could have told them!"

Part 1: The Münchausen of Porthcawl
Castor on Troubled Waters * Canis Raver * The Plucked Plant * When Wales Played Asgård * Interstellar Domestic * The Cream-Jest of Unset Custard * The Day the Town of Porthcawl was Accidentally Twinned with the Capital of the Cheese and Biscuits Empire

Part 2: Tribulations of the Human Bean
The Monkey's Pawpaw * Home Suit Home * All in a Flap * Hangfire Bubbler * The Private Pirate's Club

Part 3: Castor on the Seven Plus Seas
Chuckleberry Grin * Penal Colony * Flying Saucer Harmonies * Nemo's Omen * The Thousand and One Pints * Celebration Day

Note: The story entitled 'Hangfire Bubbler' in this collection is a rewritten version of a previously unpublished story called 'Poorly Dawkins'.