Friday, 2 December 2011

Sangria in the Sangraal

Sangria in the Sangraal (2011)
Ex Occidente Press

An entire story-cycle in miniature. One thousand years of the remarkable magical history of a secret region of Spain where few people venture even now. Albarracín is a rose-red town tucked away in the mountains of Lower Aragon. Once the seat of an independent taifa during the dominance of the Caliphate of Cordoba, it remained saturated with ancient mystery long after the separated kingdoms of the peninsular were forged through conquest into the single nation we know today. In Albarracín still lurk the djinn of the wondrous past in their dusty bottles and the ghosts of heroes and villains locked in the crucibles of a rogue alchemist.


The Shapes Down There * The Spare Hermit * Sally Forth * The Magic Gone * Sangria in the Sangraal * The Man Toucan * Latitude, Longitude and Plenitude * The Kind Generosity of Theophrastus Tautology * Scaramouche's Pouting Mouth * Knossos in its Glory * Señor Chimera's Hysterical History * The Bone Throwers

Note: the final two stories in the list above are only available in the second updated edition of the book, published by Eibonvale Press in September 2016.