Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Just Not So Stories

The Just Not So Stories (2013)
The Exaggerated Press

"They said it just wasn’t so. But it was! Thirty stories exploring the bizarre and curiously absurd world of cult writer Rhys Hughes... Irony—Whimsy—Paradox... Aliens—Mad Scientists—Monsters... Living Bicycles... Trumpeters in Outer Space... Wordplay... Robots in Lingerie... That’s the least of it... Herein you will discover phenomena new not only to science but also to the imagination! Roll up! Roll up! But if you can’t roll, feel free to hop, prance, slither, gyrate, stride, tiptoe, slide or undulate in any style you choose!"


The Mistake * The Pastel Whimsy * The Great Bicycle Migration * Personification * The Strongest Monster * The Mark of Cain, the Jeremy of Abel * Tuberculosis Bells * My Biological Prism * The Yeasty Rise and Half-Baked Fall of Lyndon Williams * The Leveller of Neptune * How to Lose Friends and Alienate People * The Grave Demeanour * The Ugliest Idol in Christendom * Message to Rosita * Lyndon: God * Pulpo * The Underwear Shop * My Crow Nation * Climbing the Tallest Tree in the World * The Censor * Aldrin’s the Buzzword * Butterbrow * The Blue Jewel Fruit * Mate in Pi * Bachelor of Voodoo * The Gunfight * The Tale That Never Got Told * The Sun Trap * The Dwarf Shortage * My Own Worst Anemone

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