Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Young Dictator

The Young Dictator (2013)
Pillar International Publishing

"Thanks to a strange set of circumstances, Jenny Khan wins the Carrington by-election and gets sent to Westminster as an MP. Partly because she holds the balance of power in a hung parliament – but mostly thanks to some magical help – she is able to launch a coup, overthrow democracy and declare herself a dictator. Her regime is opposed by the Middle Classes and a Civil War breaks out. Jenny is shocked to learn that the leaders of the rebels are her own Mum and Dad... Then it gets really weird... On this journey you will meet a man that has grown too old to die, a skeletal Queen, Skargills, shrinking continents, honest aliens, interstellar despots and a myriad of creatures and characters at right-angles to reality... This book is an hilarious, absurd, odd, idiosyncratic blast of an adventure. To be enjoyed by mischievous adults and clever children."


Jenny Khan * Genghis Kan't * Caterpillar the Hun * Owl Scared of the Dark * The Cat That Chilled the Scene * Moonmoths, Umbrellas and Oranges

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