Friday, 20 December 2013

More Than a Feline

More Than a Feline (2013)
Gloomy Seahorse Press

An illustrated volume of cat stories and poems by cult author Rhys Hughes written over the past two decades and collected together for the very first time. Do you want to know what happened when Pushkin came to Shovekin; or how the sausage dog Bangers the Mash helped every cat in the world; or which grey cat drank fifty cups of tea one after the other? If so, you need to read More Than a Feline...


Foreword * A Tale with the Title at the End * The Cat * Cat in a Balloon * Making a Feline * Cat in a Bathysphere * Cat o'Nine Tales * Autumn Cat * Rimsky's the Limit * Fat Cat Fable * Silky Salathiel * Lady, Tiger and Protozoon * The Cellar Door * Cat on a Unicycle * The Magic Kitten * Lunar Love Cats * The Pig Iron Mouse Dooms the Moon * The Cat that Got the Cream * The Big Lick * The Mice Will Play * Cats' Eyes * Alphabeticat * A Word in Your Shell-Like * Bangers the Mash * The Rescue * When Pushkin Came to Shovekin * Fifty Cups of Lady Grey

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Note: The pieces in blue are poems, not stories. 'A Tale with the Title at the End' is 'His Wife's Whiskers' retitled; and 'The Magic Kitten' is a rewritten version of 'The Magic Lamp'.