Thursday, 29 July 2010

Mister Gum

Mister Gum (2009)
Dog Horn Publishing

A compound novel detailing the life and adventures of Mr Gum, an obscene and pompous Creative Writing tutor, with his sidekicks, Fellatio Nelson and Detective Inspector Ynch Short of the Yard. The novel is divided into four parts. The first part is a satire on the teaching of creative writing; the second is a satire on crime fiction; the third is a satire on detective fiction; and the fourth is a satire against satire. Only the second edition of this novel contains the 'Sticky White Hands' and 'I am a Slimy Man' chapters.


Part One: The Creative Writing Tutor
* Oh, Whistle While You Work, and I’ll Come to You, My Dwarf * Boo to a Goose * Whaling Well * The Tenant of Arcimboldo Hall * Canon Alberic’s Photo-Album

Part Two: Up a Gumtree
* The Groin Scratcher * Plop Fiction

Part Three: Spermicidal Maniacs
* Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine * Cop Hospital * Plums and Oriels

Part Four: Gum, Set and Match
* The Glue of the Scream * Sticky White Hands * I am a Slimy Man