Thursday, 29 July 2010

Worming the Harpy

Worming the Harpy (1995)
Tartarus Press

Second edition (paperback) issued by Tartarus Press in February 2011.


Cat o' Nine Tales * Worming the Harpy * The Falling Star * Quasimodulus * The Good News Grimoire * The Forest Chapel Bell * Flintlock Jaw * Velocity Oranges * A Carpet Seldom Found * The Chimney * One Man's Meat * The Man Who Mistook His Wife's Hat for the Mad Hatter's Wife * Cello I Love You * What to do When the Devil Comes Round for Tea * Arquebus for Harlequin * Éclair de Lune * Grinding the Goblin

Note: 'The Forest Chapel Bell' only appears in the second edition.