Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Smell of Telescopes

The Smell of Telescopes (2000)
Tartarus Press


The Banker of Ingolstadt * Ten Grim Bottles * Spermaceti Whiskers * The Blue Dwarf * The Purloined Liver * The Squonk Laughed * Telegram Ma'am * Depressurised Ghost Story * Thanatology Spleen * The Tell-Tale Nose * A Girl Like a Doric Column * The Orange Goat * Nothing More Common * Muscovado Lashes * A Person Not in the Story * Bridge Over Troubled Blood * Burke and Rabbit * The Yellow Imp * Lanolin Brows * The Haunted Womb * Mister Humphrey's Clock's Inheritance * There was a Ghoul Dwelt by a Mosque * The Purple Pastor * The Hush of Falling Houses * The Sickness of Satan * Omophagia Ankles

Rated by Michael Moorcock as one of the ten best "overlooked odd speculative fiction classics".

The second edition was issued by Eibonvale Press in 2007.