Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Postmodern Mariner

The Postmodern Mariner (2008)
Screaming Dreams

"A short book of implausible adventures featuring absurdities, anachronisms, exaggerations, outrageous puns, pirates, mythological beings, giant cups of tea and the occasional metafictional trick..."


The Münchhausen of Porthcawl
Castor on Troubled Waters * Canis Raver * The Plucked Plant * When Wales Played Asgård * Interstellar Domestic * The Cream-Jest of Unset Custard * The Day the Town of Porthcawl was Accidentally Twinned with the Capital of the Cheese and Biscuits Empire

Piper at the Fates of Ooze
The Lip Service

The Postmodern Mariner in Person
Rommel Cobra's Swimming Carnival