Thursday, 29 July 2010

Nowhere Near Milk Wood

Nowhere Near Milk Wood (2002)
Prime Books

"Milk Wood is not a nice place to be. With the passing of generations, it has curdled. At night it casts a buttery light on the moon. Fortunately, all the action in this book occurs elsewhere. It mostly happens in a warped version of the music industry or in an impossible tavern or in a future where everything is illegal. It sometimes even happens outside the narrative. But never in Milk Wood. Never. Milk Wood is barely even mentioned. For it is not a nice place to be."


Martyr to Music
In the Moonless Gutter * Adventures in the Grin Trade * Nowhere Near Milk Wood

Taller Stories
Prologue * Rainbow's End * Ghost Holiday * Those Wonderful Words * Learning to Fly * Learning to Fall * The Banshee * The Queen of Jazz * Anna and the Dragon * Three Friends * The Rake and the Fool * Goblin Sunrise * The Juggler * The Peat Fire * Knight on a Bear Mountain * Something About a Demon * The Furious Walnuts * The Illustrated Student * The Story with a Clever Title * The Silver Necks * Never Hug an Aardvark * Epilogue

The Long Chin of the Law
The Catastrophe Trials * The Crime Continuum * Judgment Day * The Thirty-Nine Million Steps * The Impossible Mirror * Crawling King Prawn * Pyramids of the Purple Atom * The Suppertime Sting * The Mischief Towers